keep tryin to tell myself that it doesnt matter how boring/unoriginal/flawed it turns out just so long as i keep drawing SOMETHING

just realised i never posted this not particularly impressive selfie


idek guys, i just wanted to post something

hi guys!!
ive been super stressed + busy so ive not been around much
i started re-reading death note tho so i doodled a thign

winged lion person jammin w/ their bass :)))
(hope u like it)

this is like p much the only thing ive finished during this whole time

(i hope u can tell what it is)
(ceri has been playing wind waker for me)
(i adore it)

ive not drawn jade in a looooong time i dont think

some burds

i missed you all a bunch 
heres some erikar

hey guys!! i set up a society6 account!

so if you happened to want a print of this, thats totally a thing thats possible! 8)

quick post as many doodles as possible while i still have internet

bedroom eyes buscemi

hey lu  :)

pls enjoy a small variety of cecils i have imagined so far

ive actually really fucked myself over bc i cant stop imagining cecil as a friendly grey now