Just spent 2 days with some of the most beautiful people.


sighs happily

amazingly the thing I was part of organising didn’t go horribly wrong


also i met braincurd/mercy and omfg wow what a sweetheart one of the best roxy cosplayers ever and omgghghhg

ah god
everyone was so kind and just lovely. everyone was friends even if they hadn’t spoken to each other at all
and i was just hanging around with all of these cool cats who were also just such lovely people??
even though I never know what to say to anybody, and usually just ramble on while trying to tone down my accent haha 

and oh my god I can’t wait until the next meet so hopefully i can see all the people that didn’t get to come this time

asdfghjkl Lu omg seriously bless you you are just one of the nicest people I’ve ever met
and you have the most contagious fucking laugh it is fantastic :’) 

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    Pit and leg hair are important topics and I’m still mourning mine : (
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    Oh, yah, we are all totally the most classy babes in existence, witness our refined discussions on armpit hair. ;)
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    Oh snap! She’s quick! She’s very quick! :P You’re so right though. I sort of wished I’d shown it off, it is actually...